An additional incentive of $50 will be introduced soon for the installation of an ENERGY STAR certified Smart Thermostat. Stay tuned for more information!

Smart Thermostat Incentives

FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania Utilities Energy Efficient New Homes Program participating builders are now eligible for additional Smart Thermostat Incentives!

Smart Thermostat Incentives:

The table below summarizes the smart thermostat incentive structure.
Requirement Incentives
ENERGY STAR Certified* $50 per home

*Provide make/model/serial number and a geotagged photo of the thermostat verifying it’s installed and in operating condition.

Learn more about Smart Thermostats from ENERGY STAR

Homeowner Benefits:

  • Ability to learn household patterns and adjust heating and cooling according to when a home is occupied or is about to be occupied.
  • Reduces the use of heating and cooling systems when the home is unoccupied for significant periods of time.
  • Can track energy usage to see how it changes over time, and how it may affect energy costs in the future.
  • Opportunity to monitor and control the temperature remotely!