Manufactured New Home Incentives

Financial incentives are available for plants that build ENERGY STAR® Certified Manufactured Homes serviced by Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power or West Penn Power.

Manufactured homes are homes built to HUD’s Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards.

The table below summarizes the manufactured new homes incentive structure
Requirement Incentives
ENERGY STAR Certified Manufactured Homes 35¢ per kWh
Single-floor, gas heat $350
Single-floor, electric heat $1,250
Double-floor, gas heat $550
Double-floor, electric heat $1,500

ENERGY STAR Certified Manufactured Homes qualify to receive 35¢ per kWh saved. Manufacturers submit design specifications to Performance Systems Development, who will perform REM/Rate modeling to determine the incentive amount for a given home model. The more a particular home design saves, the more the plant earns, and with incentives available on a per-home basis, manufacturers of qualifying manufactured homes can earn thousands of dollars.

Manufactured homes are ENERGY STAR certified only after they are inspected and verified on site as having met all ENERGY STAR requirements and have received the blue ENERGY STAR Certified Home label. Homes cannot be marketed or promoted as “ENERGY STAR labeled” or “ENERGY STAR certified” until this site verification process has been completed by a qualified third-party verifier.

*The percent savings over code is determined in REM/Rate using the FirstEnergy Pennsylvania Report. This report is customized for Pennsylvania and includes savings from high-efficiency HVAC, water heaters and lighting.